Is the Sony Xperia XZ premium 960 images per second video?

Is the Sony Xperia XZ premium 960 images per second video?

MWC’s new Sony smartphones are expected. The premium Xperia XZ could in this case points to the possibility of fast-moving video at 960 frames per second.

Sony has Xperia X models not yet establish the connection to the competition, with new camera features and high-end hardware will now begin a new attempt. The MWC 2017 should XZ mobile Xperia Premium and Xperia XZS could attract with new photo buyers features.

Gets the Xperia Xperia at the MWC a successor?
Gets the Xperia Xperia at the MWC a successor?

Gets the Xperia Xperia at the MWC a successor gets the Xperia XZ at the MWC a successor? Speech is received from an image processor, slow motion video up to 960 frames per second – to competition after a maximum of 240 frames per second. In addition, a Sony presentation slide has emerged which next to the sensor is a step without recalling Live Pictures of Apple feature called “Motion Eye” for the show.

Sony has a new camera technology in luggage

The movie should come from Sony itself, and the word “Xperia 2017 Camera” is likely to be an indication of imminent smartphones with the new imagery. It will be with built-in memory first sensor of the world camera – a statement that seems familiar.

Two weeks ago, the Japanese company was already introduced a new CMOS sensor that has built-in DRAM memory. Thanks to this slower video buffer up to 960 frames per second are possible – even in full HD resolution.

“Motion Eye”: Inspired by Apple’s live photos

The slide presentation and other information has been disclosed on the Xperia Blog website. The source describes “Motion Eye” in function that recalls “Live Photo” of current iPhones or “Motion Photo” of the Galaxy S7.

If the Sony camera software detects a motion, four pictures are automatically recorded in one second before the shutter button. “Motion Eye” – and so the new Sony CMOS sensor with 960 video recording images – could be found in the next Xperia XZ Premium use. This high-end smartphone to inherit the premium Z5 legacy and offers a Snapdragon 835 with 4K-screen. The Xperia XZ Premium and another model called Xperia XZS are rumored to be presented at the MWC 2017th.

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