Telefónica with Network World 360 ° back to CeBIT

Telefónica will present to the CeBIT, among other innovations in mobile, Internet and Internet objects. Under the motto Networld 360 °, it is to see all the trends and products. We provide a perspective.

Telefónica Germany is back this year at the CeBIT in Hanover and has some problems in luggage, getting the show to visitors to the stand. The company wishes to present a “portfolio of products for a connected world” under the slogan “World Network 360”. This should be composed of fixed, mobile, communication and Internet machine-to-machine objects.

Telefónica with Network World 360 ° back to CeBIT
Telefónica with Network World 360 ° back to CeBIT

So a o2 presented last year to the CeBIT, the business customer project “o2 All-IP”, the offer will also return on the show one of the subjects, the company is dedicated. In addition, the network operator will provide information on free o2 companies, SmartMetering Smart M2M and Smart Mobility. Perhaps is the launch of o2 in the exhibition is new tariff options for free o2 companies or even internet offers. One of the important issues at Telefónica Germany is probably the 5G topic, which is high on the already CeBIT list at Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone. Only the end of February had been a collaboration with Telefónica known Nokia. Nokia intends to improve the quality of the electricity company and put in the future on the standard 5G to come.
Intelligent Metering Solutions and Intelligent Mobility Telefónica

Telefónica expects that by 2020, smart grid, all components of the energy system will combine with modern communication technology. About the smart grid, it should be possible to communicate with the meters. The claims of Telefónica already has world about 280,000 smart SIM card counters installed. With the Smart-Net scanning application may then probably underestimate the actual network availability measured at the counter location.

Smart Mobility in turn, deals with a telematics solution 4.0 for fleet management of vehicles for the company.

Thus, for consumption, durability, availability, catchbooks and other parameters. This is supposed to be independent of the manufacturer and the type of vehicle possible. For Telefónica is based on GPS; Geotab is already used by 500 companies.

In addition, similar to the Telekom and Vodafone, Internet objects (IdO) be a big problem. In this context, Telefónica also called Smart Cities. Current projects include the Telefónica SmartCooler or Smart Meters Connect, an intelligent measurement system. What Telefónica will show at the fair, is still uncertain.

The Telekom will show the CeBIT a network supermarket or even a magenta remake one. Vodafone goes 5G and own GigaNetwork.


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