Telekom to start soon with 900 MHz LTE

During a press conference Deutsche Telekom wants to inform before the CeBIT on their plans with LTE 900th Location certificates indicated a few weeks ago on the beginning of this technique.

Already in early February there were indications that Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone also use in the future in the frequency range to 900 MHz in addition to GSM to LTE standard mobile radio. First, the allocation of frequencies is now considered technologically neutral, other store certificates with the Federal Agency of the networked networks that indicates that Deutsche Telekom plans appropriate in the lie of the drawer.

Concrete LTE 900 plans in Telekom
Concrete LTE 900 plans in Telekom

On our request, the Telecommunications Press Office prompted its free time again, and said there was “no commercial LTE 900-use” by the Bonn telecommunications service. This is likely to change soon. So Deutsche Telekom invites at the end of next week for a press conference where it is on how the issue of the introduction of the LTE 900e

During the event is to be expected that the network operator is not only launching the standard 4G mobile phone as far as the frequency range reserved GSM network, but also for example informed applications for which LTE 900 must be Used in the first step. So Vodafone 4G wants 900MHz initially not ask for “normal” consumers, but for the left just to test narrow band IdO, which is intended for sensor communication.

Closer IOT to Telekom?

Also at Telekom could first go mainly Narrowband IdO. But since the telecommunications company Bonn has a range of twice 15 MHz bandwidth at 900 MHz and therefore over a larger area than Vodafone and Telefonica, also a version for regular customers to access the data services And telephone calls from the VoLTE standard would be feasible.

So far, Deutsche Telekom uses frequencies in the 800 MHz, 1800 and 2600 for the LTE. The lower spectra offer better physical propagation conditions than in 1800 and 2600 MHz. Thus, 800 and 900 MHz, are more suitable to power the area where the two zones above 1 GHz. The inside cover may be better here than on the higher frequencies achieve.

We will report on the telecommunications event next Friday. Far from this, we have set up in a separate amount, whose operators have been affected including spectrum frequency.

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