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Best Free CMS For Blogs

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and TYPO3 – we present the best free content management systems.

Best Free CMS For Blogs
Best Free CMS For Blogs

The right web content management system, briefly called CMS, is rapidly growing for companies because the Internet is already an integral part of our information society and contains an infinite number of data, Information and knowledge. For most businesses, the Web thus offers an important marketing tool and effective channel of communication. Information can easily be updated, campaigns evaluated directly and open up new markets. Thus, the range is increased and creates new jobs.

Solutions open source score economy

Open source solutions play an important role in terms of CMS and ranking in the front rows. They are economically appealing because there is no license fee. Moreover, they are at the stage of development to date, since everyone has access to the source code. Open source communities practice an intense exchange of expertise and are becoming more and more popular. The number of open source CMS solutions considers all scripts or programming languages ​​such as Java, Perl, Python or PHP between 200 and 300 systems.

Mitigate the embarrassment of choice

For management decision makers, IT department or marketing it is almost impossible in this wide range of products to independently make a decision for CMS right. A comparison of different content management systems is very costly because of the wide range of functions and limited use.

Marketing tool and communication channel

Much more important than the simple comparison are the purpose and processes that need to be achieved with the potential marketing system or tool and the channel of communication and implementation. Here, it may be useful to organize a workshop with an independent and experienced provider to gather a system decision.

Applications of Content Management Systems

Content management systems can be essentially divided into the following application areas:

Web Content Management: Web content management systems are the joint creation, editing, management and publication of pages and content (text, images or multimedia content). Publishing news, providing full-text search, full rights management and multilingual implementation are often basic needs.

Blog Publishing / News: Systems to create a blog, articles should categories, logical operations, timed publications and Web 2.0 features offer. A lot of content along with social interaction, the reader, for example based on commentary, are essential for a successful presentation on the internet. Other features such as fast and spontaneous writing, even without the background of CMS, bring added value here.

Social Issues / Communities: Emphasis on social publishing is the development of web communities in which ranges of functions go beyond traditional content management functions. Community members can work together to create content (user generated content) and discuss it in forums, comment them together, evaluate and complete. The basic system is modular and can be supplemented with additional Web 2.0 features.

Below four web content management systems are illuminated on an open source base of visual4 and finally compared. A detailed documentation of the CMS comparison is available here.

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