Upgrade from Windows 10 creators available from April 11

Upgrading from Windows 10 creator available on April 11 that you must know

We will show you what the update brings new features

Microsoft wants to make its operating system Windows 10 with a major update more secure and especially with new features attractive to creative people. The upgrade of Windows 10 creators will be available worldwide from April 11, the software giant announced today. It should provide users with “maximum security”, as well as new features such as 3D design. In addition, Microsoft will open the system for what is called mixed reality, in the real environment and virtual objects can be connected.

With the new update, which will be gradually and automatically given to all users, comes as a new 3D version of the Microsoft Paint Paint program. As another focus for the new Microsoft update calls the security aspect. The “Defender Security Center” to provide users with a centralized location for managing shared security functions in the future. In terms of Windows 10 must provide the user with security in complete transparency. What you can expect from the creators update, see the following news.

Creators Update: What’s New in Windows 10

Despite the monthly security patches get Windows 10 periodically completely new features. We once compiled, which includes the upcoming Creators update.

Windows 10 Creators Update: More options for creatives
Windows 10 Creators Update: More options for creatives

The next official update of Windows 10 will infiltrate more and more details. Recently, it was known, for example, that the old and popular control panel could finally disappear with the upcoming creators update.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has released, but even a lot of information about the new version of the operating system. In the latest version of Windows 10 Insider Preview you can already build a few of them. The term a little heavy refers to preliminary versions of the next version of Windows, which can be tested by developers and interested parties after a brief enrollment.
Microsoft announced that the update of the creators of April 11 will be available worldwide.

Compact Overlay Windows, Dynamic Lock, Braille Translation

In fact, it comes in Windows 10 development to gaming, security, accessibility and multi-tasking. With the new Compact Overlay window, the user must be able to do more things at once. This should be possible, such as watching movies or videos from a corner of the screen, even if the user enters between several open programs to check your emails or surf the Internet. If a program window is in overlay mode, it appears above other windows and not blocked.

The new dynamic locking feature automatically locks the PC when the user is not nearby. This is done via a paired Bluetooth phone. If the mobile phone connected via Bluetooth is not in or near the computer, Windows turns off the display and locks the PC after 30 seconds.

For many generations of Windows better support for blind and partially sighted people is a problem on which Microsoft is difficult to solve. Now, another important step to succeed: Braille support in display language. Comments on this new feature for testers with visual impairment apparently encouraged to go further in this direction Microsoft. In an English-language manual, Microsoft explained how Braille is enabled in the display language.

An innovation in the field of system security is Microsoft in the following video.

New Features for Professionals and Creative Players

In addition, players will have new opportunities with updated creators. The new “beam” streaming service will be pre-installed in Windows 10 in the future. Thus, players should be able to broadcast simple and comfortable their current story games, as an explanatory video of the latest game. Microsoft predicts that the delay time is less than one second. In “Beam” should be possible, even what streaming viewers communicate with the seller and ask questions, for example.

A special “game mode” will allow players, faster Windows PC games, so the best possible performance, the switch. In the Windows system settings, there will be a new “game” point, to which the computer can be optimized for games – the icon of this domain is to be precisely the Microsoft Xbox icon.

But Creative, which previously worked maybe more with Apple products or Adobe are advertised with creators update for Windows – hence the name comes this update. For example, if the first time, 3D animations can be created in Windows. Add existing 2D images can be converted to 3D.

Microsoft also noted that the system for virtual and augmented reality applications must open in order to prepare for the future. Windows 10 will therefore be best to work with an appropriate VR headset from partners Microsoft HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer and Asus.

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